Special "Remodel Incentive" Could Pay for Home Improvements

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Homeowners All Across America Are Receiving Up To $99,978 in a Single Payment For Home Improvements!

Smart Homeowners are using this mortgage program to claim up to $99,978 in a single cash-out payment. Until recently, this information has been kept very quiet by the banks. Fortunately for middle-class Americans, these programs have gone viral on social media recently and are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. Here's how to take advantage of it...

As of late 2018, Congress has FINALLY done something to help the middle class with some amazing new government mortgage programs. This has allowed millions of Americans to receive up to $99,978 to improve their houses, pay off crippling debts, take their dream vacation, or whatever else they could use the money for.

Despite how incredible these programs are, most people are unaware that they exist and could expire at any moment. That's because the Big Banks absolutely HATE these programs due to the fact that they can allow homeowners to reduce their monthly mortgage payments. This means more money in homeowners pockets (and less money for the banks).

The program is set to expire soon. There is no cost & no obligation to See if you qualify »

A Stimulus Plan for American Homeowners

If your mortgage is less than $625,000, your chances of qualifying for FMERR could be high. The Government wants the banks to cut your rates, which puts more money in your pocket, ultimately boosting the economy.

However, the banks are not happy about this. Here's why:

  1. The program makes it easier to qualify for lower mortgage rates
  2. You have the option to shop lenders other than your current mortgage holder

You think banks like the above? Rest assured, they do not. They would rather make more money by keeping you at the higher rate you financed at years ago. The middle class seems to miss out on everything, and jumping on this benefit is a no-brainer.

Thousands of homeowners are currently scrambling to get approved with this program before it expires. This could be your last chance to use this once in a lifetime mortgage relief program.
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Why Should You Care?

  • The average monthly savings is $250. Could you use an extra $250/month?2
  • On top of the savings, many homeowners could pay off their mortgage faster.
  • Homeowners can even take cash out for home improvements, pay off debt, or pay for their children's education.

Where Do I Start?

With hundreds of mortgage lenders and brokers available, it can take consumers hours to contact each one separately and request a quote. The good news is that there are services that could help you save time and money by comparing multiple lenders at once. One such service is The Free Mortgage Quiz, which is one of the biggest FMERR lender networks in the nation providing consumers with a comprehensive set of mortgage options.

There's no obligation to homeowners, and The Free Mortgage Quiz offers easy and fast comparisons. It takes about two minutes, and the service is 100% free. Find out what you qualify for today!

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